TEDxYale City 2.0

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Around the world, TEDx organizers are holding City 2.0 events on October 13th. TEDxYale City 2.0 is Yale's version of this event. It will explore how we can make our cities better places to live. Four speakers will meet at a crossroads of digital data, sustainability, and urban planning, together cultivating a vibrant image of future cities. By simultaneously celebrating and critiquing metropolises around the world, these narratives ask the question: how can we make smart cities smarter?


Maddy Yozwiak
Maddy Yozwiak is a junior at Yale, majoring in Physics. In high school, she researched and blogged about environmental issues and solar energy. Once she was at Yale, she founded Project Bright, which aims to empower students to design and install solar energy systems on campus buildings. Maddy received a Sustainability Achievement Award from the Office of Sustainability for her work.
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Mark Bomford
Mark Bomford is an innovator in both non-profit and academic contexts. Mark has founded and managed projects focused on urban agriculture, community food security, and food systems modeling and research. He’s dabbled in everything from farming to food-centered organizations—both in Canada and around the world. In 2011 Bomford joined the Yale Sustainable Food Project. He looks forward to deepening the impact and broadening the reach of the Project as it enters its second decade of playing a transformative role in the larger food system.
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Keller Easterling
Keller Easterling is an American architect, urbanist, writer, and teacher. She has taught architectural design and history at Parsons The New School for Design, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University. Keller is currently an Associate Professor of Architecture at Yale University. Easterling’s contemporary writings address issues of urbanism, architecture, and organization as it relates to globalization. Her latest book, Enduring Innocence: Global Architecture and Its Political Masquerades, researches familiar spatial products that have landed in precarious political situations around the world. Keller earned her B.A. and Master of Architecture from Princeton University.
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Norman Sadeh
Norman is a Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and an entrepreneur. He is well known for his pioneering research in mobile and social networking, mobile security and privacy, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is also a co-creator of Livehoods.org, an urban computing service that analyzes social media data to help understand the dynamic nature of cities.