Dark Fang #2

Dark Fang #2


“EARTH CALLING,” Part Two Why is Valla's fang turning black? She ventures back to her old stomping grounds in search of answers. What she finds will drive her towards a destiny she never could have imagined. Also: what does all this have to do wi...

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Title:Dark Fang #2
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook

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    Dark Fang #2 Reviews

  • Ashley Brooks

    Ok, yep. I’m here for this. ...

  • Logan

    Not a terrible series at all, I just don't think its for me...

  • Grace Boyer

    Ok I wasn’t sure at first that I was gonna like this, due mostly to the first issue being all over the place. However, this kind of reminds me of like Poison Ivy meets Captain Planet meets Vampires....

  • Sarah

    Curious. Seems like this wont be a long series unless something crazy comes along. With her mind control I don’t know how pollution could be a difficult process to end... ...